Once Upon a time…

Once upon a time a mummy (me) had a little boy called Monkey. The mummy loved to read as a child and always looked forward to having her own children so that one day she could pass on the imaginative world that can be created from reading interesting and fun stories with equally beautiful illustrations. A long time went by before the mummy had her little boy and she soon introduced him to the picture books she remembered as a child such as the Hungry Caterpillar and Spot the Dog.

As the little boy grew, so did his imagination, his mummy had introduced him to the same imaginative world she had been introduced to many years before.¬† They went to the library every few weeks getting 6 or even 8 books out at a time (even though they had many books at home already). The mummy soon realized some books were better than others and decided it would be fun to share with other grown-ups which children’s books her little boy loved best and which he didn’t like as much, so the mummy has tried her best at making this blog in the hope it will entertain and delight other grown-ups with children.

The end.

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