Danny’s Adventure Bus by Lucy Marcovitch & Illustrated by Paul Cemmick

I don’t know how many times we’ve got this book out of the library – I’ve lost count!  It is certainly one of those stories that delights my little boy when he see’s it to the point where I may have to try and purchase it!

It’s a story about a little boy and his mum who are on a bus, which gets stuck in a traffic jam (doesn’t sound interesting to begin with I know) – you know that feeling when you’re going at a snails pace stuck behind several hundred cars, vans, lorries etc well this little boy in the story – Danny doesn’t like traffic jams either and pulls out his special drivers hat and declares “jam jumping is my specialty”.  He takes them on an imaginative bus ride away from the traffic jam but instead getting stuck in various other jams – such as the camel jam, elephant jam, goat jam and under the sea.

Every time they get stuck in another jam Danny declares “jam jumping is my specialty”.

My favorite bit is when they do a u turn around a coral reef and Monkey likes the camel jam and finds this bit very funny!

It is very imaginative, the illustrations capture the story perfectly but I’m always left wondering were they asleep and just having a lovely dream or did it happen????

Danny's Adventure Bus

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