Romp in the Swamp by Ian Whybrow & Adrian Reynolds

This is one of the books in the Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs series of books my son loves.

I feel like I know this story word for word off by heart as I’ve read it so many times.

If you’re not familiar with this series of books it’s about a little boy who has lots of dinosaurs which he takes everywhere with him in a blue bucket.  They don’t have names like Fred or Simon – no they use the proper dinosaur name which is a good way to teach children although I struggle to say their names!

This story revolves around Harry staying at a friends house whilst his nan and mum take his older sister Sam to see her new school.  He doesn’t really want to go and neither do the dinosaurs “Don’t let Charlie play with us Harry,” said Apatosaurus “she might do bending on our legs” said Anchisaurus”.

Harry is very apprehensive about going to play at Charlies house so they both sit on opposite sides of the sofa not speaking, then Charlie has an idea and runs off to find a washing basket which she puts her dumper truck and tractor in, she puts cushions and cardboard and pans, plants and string. Harry and the dinosaurs follow Sam out to the garden where she has created a swamp and they have lots of fun together.

This story as with the rest in this series are very imaginative and takes you on an adventure with Harry and his dinosaurs.

Monkey loves this book so much that it goes most places, he first had it read to him at nursery and we didn’t understand what he meant by him saying he wanted swamp and he loved the swamp – it wasn’t until we were at a parents evening at the nursery that we put two and two together when we saw the book in the classroom!

I would highly recommend this series of books and I think this is the best one out of the series of books we currently own (we have a few) – so you’ll probably see some more posts re this series.  I would rate this 10/10 and I know Monkey would say the same.  The set of books we have comes with a CD and so we have the talking book version of this also.  In addition to the books we stumbled across a DVD set of Harry and his Dinosaurs so you can imagine some days our home is wall to wall Harry!

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