Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow & illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

Another favourite in our house is this book. This is the first in the series of Harry and his dinosaurs where he discovers them in his nans loft in an old box.  Harry like most children who find a treasure hidden away brought the box downstairs and started fixing the dinosaurs and giving them a good clean before declaring that “Dinosaurs don’t like boxes, they want to be in a bucket”.

Harry goes to the library with his mum and the dinosaurs and he finds all the names of the dinosaurs and learns them all and telling the dinosaurs what they are all called – Scelidosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Anchisaurus and Tyrannosaurs.

The dinosaurs went everywhere with Harry such as going shopping, garden centre, beach and even the bath. Then one day Harry left them on a train, the next day Harry was still upset about losing his dinosaurs so his nan took him to the train station where he proved they were his dinosaurs by calling each one by name.

The dinosaurs talk to Harry (but only loud enough for Harry to hear them) and so begins a lovely series of books exploring the adventures of Harry and his dinosaurs.

As previously said, Monkey absolutely loves these books, this book won Picture Book winner of The Sheffield Children’s Book Award and it is clear to understand why.  Not only does it teach young children about some of the dinosaur names, it explores the imagination of Harry – all children have toys which talk to them – to them their toys are real.  It shows how Harry loves his dinosaur and cares for them.  It is an appealing story (even after you’ve read it a million times) and it’s certainly one we keep going back to enjoy.  Monkey gives this 10/10 and I would agree.  The illustrations are lovely and help to explain the story even without me reading it so it can be understood by a young child unable to read but would be a good book also to help as an early reading book (especially since there’s a helpful bit at the front and back of the book showing the pictures of the dinosaurs, their names and also written out as you would say it)!

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