Harry and the Dinosaurs make a Christmas Wish by Ian Whybrow and illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

Ok so this time of year during a heatwave and I’m writing about Christmas – apologies but Christmas isn’t too far away and this is a lovely little book.

Harry and his dinosaurs like visiting Mr Oakley’s farm and one day he and the dinosaurs are introduced to Mr Oakley’s ducklings.  The dinosaurs and Harry ask Mr Oakley if they can take a duckling home but they don’t have room for ducklings at Harry’s home.  Harry said “oh I wish we could have one” the wish didn’t work so Harry thought maybe it was the wrong time for wishing.

Harry finds an opportunity to wish for a duckling while he is stirring the Christmas pudding mixture.  Harry then writes down his wish for Santa in a letter.  Mum and Nan ask Harry what he wished for and when Harry explains his mum suggests they look in the shops before Harry posts his letter to Santa just in case he finds something else he’d rather have instead.  Harry finds lots of things he would like so he adds these to his letter to Santa but also includes the wish for a duckling (as the dinosaurs remind Harry to ask for one).

On Christmas Eve Nan helps Harry to hang up the stockings, Harry says the dinosaurs don’t like their presents in stockings “they want their present in an egg” luckily Nan has an egg shaped money box and she leaves this out for the dinosaurs present.

The next morning Harry opens his presents and loves them all but the dinosaurs say to Harry “Santa didn’t bring us a duckling” – that is until they open the dinosaurs present (in Nans egg money box) “out pops a baby pterodactyl” “Much better than a duckling!” “Raaah it’s a flying dinosaur”.

Josh likes this story but prefers some of the other stories in this series so gives it 8/10 – I like this story it shows Harry thinking about his original wish for most of the year which is such a true element of the story – most young children if they really want something will keep thinking of it – I’m sure as a child there must have been something you really really wanted  – this story shows wishes can come true (at least some of the time).

The illustrations are beautiful and take you on a journey, which can be used to understand the story without reading the words. Another enjoyable story to come back to repeatedly.


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