Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!” by Ian Whybrow and illustrated by Adrian Reynolds

Another favourite story in our household.  This story in the Harry and the Dinosaurs series explores Harry going to the dentist – a normal activity we all do but not like this!

Harry wanted to take his dinosaurs but they were hiding, he called their names and one by one they all got into the bucket – all except Tyrannosaurs – he didn’t want to go to the dentist with the others as he had lots of teeth and thought the dentist might do some drilling on them!  Harry told him not to worry “when we get there I shall press a magic button on my bucket, and that will make you grow big”.

Harry isn’t sure about sitting on the dentist chair and the dentist Mr Drake offers a ride to one his dinosaurs, so Harry places Tyrannosaurus on the chair and presses the magic button – which makes Tyrannosaurus grow very big. “Open wide” Mr Drake says as he turns around “Raaahh” said Tyrannosaurus!  This scares Mr Drake who hides behind the door – Harry presses the magic button which makes Tyrannosaurus shrink back to being bucket size. This has now calmed Harry enough to have his teeth looked at by Mr Drake and so he and the dinosaurs open their mouths to have their teeth examined “What a lot of teeth will they bite me” asks Mr Drake “They only bite drills” said Harry but they don’t need to use the drill they are all good at brushing their teeth and so only need a look and a rinse!

This could be a useful story to explain to a young child who has never been to a dentist or is frightened of going that it’s ok, as long as you brush your teeth going to the dentist shouldn’t be a scary experience.  Of course the illustrations are fantastic and the story is very engaging and enjoyed by both myself and Monkey – he gives the story 8/10 and loves the part where the dinosaurs all say raahh when having their teeth examined and I give it 7/10 as I still prefer some of the other stories in this series.

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