Super Spud and the Stinky Space Rescue by Sam Lloyd and illustrated by Ben Cort

This is a fun book to read to children before they go to bed.

It’s about Spud helping his alien friends get ready for bed “Rip roaring rockets” appears to be Spud’s catchphrase.  First he goes on his rocket to Planet Whiff where the aliens are smelly and need a bath, so Spud washes the aliens clean so that they are ready for bed and as he leaves each alien he says “nighty nighty, sleepy tighty” as he blasts off on his next mission on his rocket to Planet Fuzz (I have to admit the alien on this page made me giggle and I will try and put a picture of it on here).  This alien was having trouble with it’s hair “Frizz, frizz, frizz.  Will you help me brush my hair”. So Spud helps the alien to brush it’s hair so that it’s neat and tidy before bed. His next mission is to the Planet Piddle (yes I had to read that a couple of times and make sure I understood what the author was trying to say) “What an awful accident” says Spud “Pee, pee, pee, we need to do a wee, help us Super Spud” yes you guessed it – Spud helps the alien go to the toilet – again another illustration which made me giggle! Spud goes on to his next mission to the Planet Fang – where the aliens need to brush their teeth “those teeth are filthy! You need to clean them” So spud helps to clean the aliens teeth until they are shiny and sparkling.

Spud then makes his way back home and into his own bed where his mummy is tucking him into bed and she says “it’s a tough job being a superhero.  Nighty nighty, sleepy tighty”


Surprisingly Monkey didn’t actually like this book, I’m not sure though if it was because he was going to bed after I’d read this story to him (he didn’t really want to go – no young child does do they) or whether he didn’t find the story interesting. He gave the story 5/10.  I on the other hand really liked this story and would give it 9/10 – the story was simple and explained a bedtime routine but it was the illustrations which really made me give it such a high score – we all need to have a giggle after all!


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