Spot Says Goodnight by Eric Hill

This is a family favourite and not just for bedtime.

I think most people know how this story goes, with it’s flaps to lift to see what is hidden behind various objects such as Spot curled up asleep behind his book before going in the bath and hiding behind a towel (Boo) and going through the night time routine most children go through, saying goodnight to everything they come across such as Spot saying goodnight to his dad, saying goodnight to Ginger the cat (who turns out to be going up to bed with Spot), saying goodnight to the teddybear and Spot saying goodnight to his mum.

Monkey’s faviourite part of the book is where Spot looks behind the cushion and finds Ginger the cat (this is likely because we have 2 cats of our own and one looks like the cat in the book.  My favourite part is when Spot is looking behind his curtain at the moon.

Although I suppose it’s a little young for Monkey he still enjoys having it read to him and he loves looking under the flaps even though he knows what’s hidden behind each one.  It’s the kind of story that babies enjoy for the excitement and the surprise factor with the flaps but even children who are pre-school (just) still enjoy as they can read the story independently even when they can’t read the words they understand the story and could be used as an easy first reader.

Monkey gives this story 7/10 and  I also give this 7/10 (it’s still not as good as Where’s Spot – which was a childhood favourite of my own)!


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2 thoughts on “Spot Says Goodnight by Eric Hill

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