Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill

Ok I admit this book was one of my favourite’s from my childhood – I never owned it – I apparently got it out of the library repeatedly!

I bought this book when Monkey was a baby and yet we still read it and he still enjoys it.

It’s a well known story with Spot’s mum Sally looking around the house for Spot because it’s dinner time. She looks behind the door but it’s a bear, she looks inside the grandfather clock but it’s a snake, she looks in the piano but it’s a hippopotamus, Sally looks under the stair cupboard but she finds a lion, she also looks in the wardrobe but finds a monkey and under the bed but finds a crocodile.  Spot isn’t in the toybox – it’s full of penguins and he’s not under the mat but finds a tortoise who says Spot’s in the basket.  Sally finds Spot and they have their dinner.

It’s such a simple easy read story it’s the kind of story that babies enjoy for the excitement and the surprise factor with the flaps to see whether Spot might be hiding behind each one but even children who are pre-school still enjoy as they can read the story independently even when they can’t read the words they understand the story and could be used as an easy first reader.

Monkey’s favourite part is the bear hiding behind the door as it’s large and unexpected and I like the hippopotamus in the piano as it’s funny to think it could possibly squeeze in!  I give the story 10/10 but I think that might be partly because it was an old favourite as a child and Monkey gives it 8/10.


(I couldn’t resist putting this picture)! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Where’s Spot? by Eric Hill

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