Stick Man by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Wow another tongue twister from the author of The Gruffalo and other fantastic stories, Julia Donaldson.  This follows Stick Man who has a wife and 3 children who live in a tree.  Poor Stick Man goes out for a jog one morning and so his adventure begins.

First he is picked up by a dog who plays fetch, he escapes this only to be thrown in the river and used as a “pooh-stick” to race down

the river.  He then floats down the river and is picked up by a swan who uses him in it’s nest, he escapes the nest and floats out to sea where he is picked up from a beach by a dad who uses him as a mast for a flag on a sandcastle!  His journey continues until he is picked up by a boy who uses him as an arm for a snowman.  Stick Man is tired and cold and he lays down for a sleep but he’s been picked up and put on the fire grate.  Thankfully Stick Man wakes up by a sound “what’s the noise up above? It starts as a chuckle, then turns to a shout Oh-ho-ho ho- ho…. I’m stuck! get me out!” Stick Man helps the man who turns out to be Santa!

Stick Man then helps Santa deliver the toys to the boys and girls “faster and faster they fly through the snow, till Santa says only one chimney to go!” Santa takes Stick Man home to his family – awww

I enjoyed this story, particularly the rhyming and the way the story took you on an adventure with Stick Man and back home again. Throughout the story Stick Man shouts at whoever has has mistaken him for a stick “I’m not a stick, why can’t you see, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man, I’m Stick Man that’s me” which of course my 4 year old loves and has even started saying it as I get to those bits! I give this story 8/10 – Monkey also gives this 8/10.

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