The Fabulous Flapdoodles by Chae Strathie & illustrated by Emily Golden

The story is about the Flapdoodles who are mischievous and get up to all sorts of mischief when you are asleep, flying around on their broomsticks which can hold 6 Flapedoodles.  They have stripey red stockings, purple hair, as small as a mouse but as strong as a bear!  They hide things under their hats such as cookies and spell books and “tiny green cats”.

Other mischief they cause include moving the hands on the clock (so that’s why my clock is always wrong), hiding single socks (haven’t we all found only one sock sitting on the floor on it’s own – I know I have)  and doodle on the walls – it’s all making sense now – even though I’m an adult I’m starting to believe in the Flapdoodles myself!

But they don’t just cause michief they make sure you stay asleep and don’t get frightened by all the noises in the night “Those boggle-eyed Bugwaggles don’t stand a chance, if caught in the glare of a Flapdoodle trance.  And grumpy blue Bumpalumps aren’t quite so tough when blown out the door with an effortless puff”.

The story continues in the same manner “they’re always on duty when you have a snooze, to shield you from showers of bogeymen’s ooze”.

They then disappear on their broomsticks before you wake up and hide behind clouds watching you through their telescopes watching to make sure you are good “and settle down gently to sleep when you should”

Every part of this story is entertaining even from the opening line “When stars fill the sky at the end of the day, the Fabulous Flapdoodles come out to play” it’s a lovely bedtime story and would encourage children to go to sleep – although I think some more courageous children might want to try and stay awake to see if they spot the Flapdoodles in action!

Monkey loves this book giving it 8/10, I give it 9/10 but that’s mainly because the story and the illustrations are fantastic and really make you start to believe in their existence afterall where does that other missing sock disappear to?!

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