Thomas and Friends Blue Mountain Mystery The Movie Storybook

A different story book than my usual reviews being it’s a story from a film.  I haven’t seen the film and I don’t think my son has seen the film yet either – but he does like Thomas and his friends.

It’s quite a long story and has all the familiar themes as usual Thomas the Tank Engine stories in that Thomas wants to help his friends, and there’s usually a problem to overcome and working as a team solves the problem.

I won’t go into the details of this story as it may spoil your family film night (if you chose to watch the film).  Monkey liked the story but being quite a long story he did get a little bored in the middle.  There’s lots of really good pictures and these can be used to keep your child engaged with the story – looking at the pictures and getting your child to answer questions.

Monkey enjoyed the story – so much so that he wanted me to read this again the following evening before bedtime – he gives the story 10/10 – and as I was a fan of Thomas as a child, I too would give this 10/10 and no doubt we will be watching the film at some point soon.

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