Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson illustrated by Jane Chapman

The story revolves around a bear who is bored one day and decides he’d like to see his friends as he’s missing them and that he would like to make a big dinner for them all to enjoy “but he looks through his cupboard, and the cupboard is bare” – oh dear poor bear.

But then his friend Mouse brings over a pie “and the bear says Thanks”, thus continues a flurry of his friends bringing various food items – such as Hare brings muffins, Badger brings fish, , Gopher and Mole bring warm honey nuts, Owl, Raven and Wren bring “pears from the tree and herbs to brew tea” and each time Bear says “thanks”.

But then… “Bear says wait..

Bear mutters and he stutters and he wears a big frown.  Bear sighs and he moans and he plops himself down.  You have brought yummy treats” You are so nice to share. But me, I have nothing. My cupboards are bare”

His friends tell him it’s ok and Mouse reminds him he has stories to share.

It’s such a lovely little story about sharing and saying thank you.  The illustrations are beautiful.

Monkey liked the story giving it 7/10, I like the meaning of the story and give it 8/10, could be used to explain sharing and perhaps explain that just because Bear didn’t have anything to give to his friends he had other things he could share with them instead – his stories and good company

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