The Boy on the Bus – a sing-along storybook by Penny Dale

This is basically the song wheels on the bus (and you do end up reading/singing it as though it’s the wheels on the bus tune) – which is ok but some bits are a little difficult to fit into the tune properly! I won’t demonstrate – I’m an awful singer!

It’s about a boy who is driving a red bus and he collects animals along his journey, he picks up cows, horses, ducks, sheep, goats, chickens – it’s almost old MacDonald meets the wheels on the bus – how the boy manages to squeeze all the animals into the bus I’m not quite sure!!

It’s a new take on the familiar tune, however to my 5 year old who knows the wheels on the bus – he was a little bewildered that I was singing it along to the tune he knows but not the correct words – he was however interested in all the animals getting on the bus – especially since we’ve discovered he likes sheep – which he refers to as being “cute.”

I think the next time I read this to him I may omit singing it to the tune of the wheels on the bus and just read it correctly – although on the cover it does suggest that it’s a sing-along storybook (but doesn’t insist that it’s sung to the tune of wheels on the bus – wonder if it would work to the tune of something else)??  I give the story 6/10 – as although it’s a new idea both myself and Monkey felt slightly confused.  Monkey gives the story 8/10 but I think this has more to do with the illustrations of the animals rather than the story itself.

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