The Grunt and the Grouch by Tracey Corderoy and illustrated by Lee Wildish

This is a story about a grumpy Grunt who appears to like spending time on his own, hates parties, never cleans the bath, never does the washing up and he dislikes Tuesday’s as apparently they’re the most boring day of the week!

Then one Tuesday he receives an invitation to a party, however the party arrives on his doorstep – the Grouch arrives with a tent, balloons and food.  The Grunt pops the balloons with his dirty fingernails and they start a food fight.  This continues until the Grunt says “hang on a minute those maggot-cakes look great!” – they sit down and forget to be mean and forget to be bored.  The Grouch stays for a week and then on the Tuesday declares he’s moving on – however they’ve both had so much fun together that the Grunt asks the Grouch to stay and live together.  They are now “the happiest trolls you’d ever be likely to meet!” and together they cause havoc!

The illustrations make this story – they really are fantastic at keeping a young child interested in the story, Monkey certainly likes the illustrations – he likes the food fight bit the best.  Monkey gives the story 8/10 and I also give the story 8/10.

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