Pants on the Moon! By Zoe Beans

This is a story about a little girl (Zoe) who is simply putting out her pants to dry one windy day when suddenly a big gust of wind sends her up into the air – she grabs hold of the washing line as it goes “ping” and says to dog Beans “grab hold Beans we’re going up.”

They go up and up and up and the washing line gets caught on an plane (at this point I love the picture the washing line gets stuck on a plan with the name Squeezy Jet – think we all know a similar named airline).  The pair fly up even higher into space and they land with a bump on the moon!


“Ouch now Zoe had a sore bottom, and her nice clean pants were covered in moon dust! But it’s difficult to stay upset when Beans is licking your face and making you giggle”.

Zoe and Beans wander around the moon and even have a party and then they come across a flag (American) “look Beans somebody’s put a flag on the moon”.  They then use the flag to get back home using it as though it’s a parachute.

It’s a lovely little story and could be used to start a conversation about flying to the moon and possibly even showing interested little children footage of the successful moon landing.

Although Monkey thought the story was funny he’s not interested in having the story read to him again – perhaps it’s because the main character is a girl as he usually likes stories like this.  He gives the story 6/10.  I on the other hand give the story 8/10 as previously said it could be used to start a conversation, used as a small teaching tool and thought the picture of the Squeezy Jet was funny.


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One thought on “Pants on the Moon! By Zoe Beans

  1. aww that book looks fab!


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