That’s Not My Piglet – Usborne Touchy Feely Book


We love the Usborne books in our house and have lots of different books for various stages of child development and interests.

I was first introduced to the touchy feely books when my son was a baby and have in fact kept them all for my daughter who is 10 months old.

This book however was a brand new book bought especially for Boo when she was first born. I had shown her this book quite a few times but it’s only been since she was 6 months old and able to sit by herself that she’s really enjoyed the different pages.

For those not aware the touchy feely books have quite a few in the series all along similar lines telling the reader that’s not my…. until the final page where you find the correct animal for instance.

Each page has different textures for baby to feel such as fuzzy or scratchy. The different patches of texture are designed to develop sensory awareness and language. Every book has a main character but they all have a little mouse to find on each page.

Unlike most stories the touchy feely books actually start the story on the front cover so that baby is instantly drawn to them.

All the pages are brightly coloured however they are not garish like most young children books. My daughter’s favourite page is this bright yellow page with a black and white piglet with scratchy texture.

Although I’ve said this is a baby book it is suitable for
newborn babies and well into toddler stage. They are extremely well made and tough ideal for those looking for something to chew as you can see from the photo above.

My daughter is unable to tell me how much she likes this book but simply watching her grin at every page even when left to flip through the pages alone I can easily see this is certainly a favourite and I imagine she would give it 8/10 I would give it 9/10 as the colours are so striking and it has kept her entertained for a while now so it certainly has a well deserved place on our bookshelf.

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