Nuts In Space by Elys Dolan


Monkey loves space in fact he often tells me it’s cool, so when we seen this book we thought it looked like a good bedtime read as the book is quite large, has animals and there’s lots of illustrations. Elys Dolan also illustrated the story which was first published in 2014 published by Nosey Crow.

The story is about a group of animals consisting of a badger, duck, owl, Fox, squirrel, beaver and moose who all have important jobs manning the spaceship. They have managed to find The Lost Nuts of Legend which can only be found at the very edge of deep space. Whoever should eat the nuts the legend states they will be immortal, invincible and most importantly it will never be past their bedtime!

The crew are not allowed to eat the nuts, they must instead deliver them home safely however they have a problem they have no food left and they are lost and are unsure how to get home. The story continues with the crew asking for directions home by visiting various places. Along the way a certain member of the crew wants to eat the nuts but the rest of the crew keep saying not to until… well I won’t spoil it for you.

The illustrations are lively with the animals dressed in uniform not too dissimilar to those worn by the crew of Star Trek and there’s clear pictures of the character’s and the layout of the spaceship. Among the pictures there are various characters with speech bubbles which if I’m honest often distracted us from the story so I didn’t read them all out. Perhaps the story should be read without taking in the speech bubbles first and then go back to each page to see what was being said as they are quite funny but I feel they don’t add a lot to the actual


Layout of the spaceship

The wording of the book is clear and at the start of the book it again feels like the opening sequence to Star Trek or Star Wars.

Monkey enjoyed parts of the book but wasn’t as interested in it as I thought. He liked the below picture as he thought it was funny but the story didn’t hold his attention so he scored the book 6/10


Monkey's favourite picture

I liked the story as it was a simple straightforward story which didn’t need explaining but as I’ve previously said the illustrations of the extra characters with speech bubbles was distracting and I only read a few of them out to Monkey so as not to confuse the story being told. Perhaps it would be a better book to curl up with during the day to explore what other characters are saying rather than a bedtime story where you don’t really want to excite or confuse a child too much therefore I score the book 7/10.

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