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Having a school age child has meant for the past few years helping him do his homework which mostly involves researching for fun facts online about the subject being taught.  I usually go online first to find suitable websites for children and so I can find information which he would find interesting before I let him loose on the computer.  This can be time consuming and is often surprisingly difficult.

So when I stumbled upon the Usborne Quicklinks website after reviewing one of their books Seashore I thought it would be a fantastic starting place to help Monkey with his homework this week to write facts about lifeboats and Grace Darling.

Usborne Quicklinks website is a useful resource for children where you and your child can find links to websites with interactive games and activities, virtual tours, video clips, picture galleries and puzzles. The website links have been specially chosen to support the information in Usborne books, so you and your child can discover more information about a topic, or use multimedia activities to make the learning more interesting and fun safe in the knowledge they are suitable websites for children to access.

You can also hear sound clips to hear how to pronounce the words in Usborne language books, and download pictures from many Usborne books.

So for the homework this week we typed lifeboat into the search engine on the website but didn’t find anything so we went to the Inside Ships book and found a link about building lifeboats which led us to the RNLI website called Shorething where we found all the facts we needed.

Yes it’s true we could have just gone directly to the RNLI website but by looking at the Usborne Quicklinks website first we have came across many other links to games and puzzles we’re going to try out after completing the homework and I will certainly keep checking the Quicklinks site as it states it’s constantly updated so website links should stay current and relevant.

Monkey really enjoyed going on the website and is very eager to return to the site.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this website before now as its fantastic. I love how I could just leave Monkey to search through the website on his own as everything has been vetted beforehand. The only thing that lets it down is that some videos and puzzles don’t work on Tablets as the software isn’t supported however they do work on a laptop/computer.

Monkey gives the site 10/10 as its “cool” I give it 9/10 simply since I can’t access it fully without plugging in my very slow laptop, but this is the only thing that lets it down and I know the site will be a firm favourite for the whole family for years to come.

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