Children’s Book Review: A Dog Day by Emily Rand


This is the first children’s book the author Emily Rand has written published in 2014 by Tate Publishing.

The story is about a Terrier dog being taken on a walk and is written in the perspective of the dog. The dog thinks he’s  going to be taken straight to the park but his owner has a few other stops to make first. You can feel the excitement of the dog at the start of the story but you also feel his disappointment when he’s not taken directly to the park.

Unlike most children’s books the illustrations (also by Emily Rand) are all black and white and yet there is a depth to them with the details for instance the bricks in the wall are not just black they have some variation in the colour and pattern and the dog isn’t simply plain, you can see his curly fur.



My son, Monkey wasn’t too sure of the book at first because of the lack of colour however once I’d read the the story which has a lovely rhythm and rhyme he actually really liked it. His favourite part was when the dog got to the park as he liked the illustrations of the other dogs.


Monkey gave this book 7/10 as he prefers colour pictures but he enjoyed the story.

I give this book 8/10 I loved the way the story was from the dogs perspective taking you on a lovely journey.  It made me wonder if perhaps it’s how young children feel too when you don’t take them directly to the park so it would be a lovely story to share with perhaps a toddler to help explain that sometimes adults have to do other jobs first before going to the park.  I also liked that despite it being a children’s book the author has not used any colour.  I showed some of the illustrations to Boo (who is 10 months old) and she sat clapping with a grin on her face so clearly a winner for her.  I have put the book on my wishlist as this copy was from the library and will look out for future stories from the author.

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