Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Secret World of the Ninja


My son Monkey is obsessed with Ninjago so we bought him this book as a birthday present. His face kit up when he saw it and he’s been looking through this book on his own quite a lot since his birthday.

If you’re not aware of this craze it’s another Lego creation with the characters all made from Lego. This book tells the reader about all the different characters (useful for me as I need to learn all their names), the weapons they use, the vehicles they drive – basically if you have a Ninjago fan then they’ll definitely want this book.


Just a few characters names

It’s quite a long book with 94 pages and also has an index. Each page has colourful pictures with lots of facts/information for the fans. Contents include:

What do Ninja wear?
Where do Ninja live?
Building Zane
Ninja vs Snakes
Find your paths

Along with separate pages for each of the Ninjas


Sword of Fire ouch that's what I stood on!

In addition to the book you also get one of the Lego character’s an exclusive Sensei Wu Minifigure. Due to the small size figure the publishers DK have said it’s for ages 6+


Monkey loves this book and gives it 10/10 I will also award this book 10/10 for fans of Ninjago this is definitely a good buy possibly a Christmas present or birthday present at least now when I stand on one of the Ninjas weapons I’ll know what it’s called and who uses it!

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