Horrid Henry by Francesca Simon illustrated by Tony Ross


This is the first book in the series of Horrid Henry written by Francesca Simon. This book was first published in 1994 by Orion Children’s Books.

Monkey had received this as a birthday present and although I had heard of the series of books I wasn’t sure what they were about.

This story introduces Henry to the reader and also to his family Mum, Dad and his brother Peter (who is always perfect in everything he does and therefore he is referred to as Perfect Peter throughout the book.  Every character in the book has a nickname such as Moody Mary, Lazy Linda and Vain Violet.

There are 4 chapters which with the illustrations by Tony Ross which although in black and white show great detail and helps the reader imagine what the characters look like.  The chapters are short enough to keep the reader interested but not too long to induce boredom.  The chapters are:

Horrid Henry’s Perfect Day
Horrid Henry’s Dance Class
Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret
Horrid Henry’s Holiday

Monkey’s favourite chapter was the second chapter Horrid Henry’s Dance Class as Henry likes to dance but not the way the others in the class dance he likes to stomp stamp stomp his elephant dance rather than tap tap tap the raindrop dance which of course causes a bit of chaos on stage.


Monkey enjoyed this book, especially chapter 2 he actually got out of his bed to show me what the elephant dance looked like to him and couldn’t stop laughing at many of the situations.  He gave this book 10/10.

It’s quite clear throughout the book Henry doesn’t like to conform and would much prefer to do whatever he pleases to do. Although I liked the book and it has some quite funny situations which you can imagine happening in real life I couldn’t help but feel as though Henry shouldn’t always get his own way all of the time  but maybe that’s just me as the parent.  I give this book 7/10 as I said it was funny and it kept Monkey interested.

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