Spot Looks At Shapes by Eric Hill

img_20160527_0651190_rewind_kindlephoto-47828131.jpgThere can’t be many of us who don’t remember or know Spot the Dog. For those that don’t know Spot was created by Eric Hill who wrote many different Spot the Dog books. The books are aimed at very young children before school age.

Boo who is now 17 months old loves dogs even though as a family we have 2 cats. She is also fascinated by shapes showing a real interest in completing a simple Melissa and Doug peg puzzle so I thought this book would be good for her.

This book was first published by William Heinemann Ltd in 1986 however the copy we have was published 2010 by Fredrick Warne. The version we have is a lovely small square shape easy for little hands to hold and is a board book ideal for chewing when teething!

The book is on 12 pages long which is long enough to keep young children engaged and as it’s not a story a child can start in the middle of the book without really missing much.












Boo's favourite

Boo’s favourite











Each shape is introduced by an object that Spot is holding,playing with etc and the opposite page shows the shape with its name for instance the first page says “Spot’s rubber ring is a round shape. The opposite page says round with the rubber ring clearly showing on a plain white background. Other shapes are square, rectangle, star, triangle, oval. Boo’s favourite is the star.

Although Boo being 17 months can’t tell me how much she likes this book I can easily see she enjoys it as she often carries it around the house stopping briefly to sit and flick through the pages giggling to herself and asking everyone to look at it with her most days therefore I am going to suggest she would give it 9/10.

Being a fan of Spot from when I was a young child I love all things Spot the Dog and this is no exception. I love the brightness of the pictures, the simple to understand text and I particularly like how the shape is then shown isolated on a separate paper unlike a lot of other shape books therefore I give this little book 9/10 I would have given it 10/10 if they had put circle instead of round as this is the only shape that feels wrongly described – yes the ring is round however most children when learning shapes would say it’s a circle but it’s only a small issue.

I have reviewed other Spot books previously – Where’s Spot and Spot Says Goodnight. We have other Spot books to review so if you were unsure of who Spot the Dog was come back and see or if you know Spot come back and relive some old favourites.

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