Spot Looks At Opposites by Eric Hill


As Boo loves dogs we appear to have a small collection of stories featuring dogs as the main character. I have already reviewed a couple of other Spot the Dog books –

Where’s Spot
Spot Says Goodnight
Spot Looks At Shapes

All great books and this is no exception.

This little book is a lovely introduction to the world of opposites for very young children ideal for pre-school children.

The edition we have has only 12 pages, it’s a lovely small square shape easy for young children to turn the board pages. This version was published in 2010 by Fredrick Warne however was first published by William Heinemann in 1986.

Like the shape book I reviewed, the concept of the same but different situation is spread over a double page the first pages for instance introduces the child to full and empty;

Full showing Spot’s food bowl full of food and the opposite page showing empty with the caption Now it is empty.



Other opposites are;

In and out
Over and under
Up and down
Fast and slow
Open and shut

Boo although she enjoys the other Spot books and in particular loves the shape book she’s not yet as keen on this book. Given that she is only 18 months I can see this book growing with her and I’m sure by the time she turns 2 she’ll be happily looking at the pages and it will help her understanding. Therefore at the moment and given her reaction to this book I would suggest she would give it 5/10. I on the other hand can see this books potential and really like the pictures of this lovely little book and would give it 9/10 only one point short because the fast and slow page relies on the young child understanding that Clare the tortoise would be slower to walk than Spot but this is only a small issue and once children understand this idea they can see why Spot would be faster.



Reviewing these Spot books has made me want to see what other Spot books I can find for Boo. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear from you.

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