My First Words Let’s Get Talking! By Dawn Surety

wp-1467265397643.jpgAs you can probably see from my recent posts Boo is on a huge learning mission and she loves books with photographs in best which she can point to and ask “what’s that” age 19 months she is enquiring daily what everything is which I love and therefore we have a lot of these photograph books.

This book is published by Dorling Kindersley (DK) in 2008 and features an incredible number of photos each one categorised into the following areas;

wp-1467265464905.jpgAll about me – pictures of babies showing various actions, different faces, words with lines pointing out different parts of the body such as hand, nose etc

wp-1467265511721.jpgClothes and shoes – photos of various clothes for boys and girls it doesn’t distinguish whether certain clothes are only for boys/girls unlike a lot of similar books.

wp-1467265548688.jpgAround the house – this category has photos of things found in all houses such as kettle, sofa, table etc

wp-1467265592922.jpgFood and drink – this shows a variety of food not just fruit and vegetables it also shows fairy cakes.

wp-1467265616176.jpgPets – I like how this section shows puppies as well as dog and same with kittens and cat so this can start discussions of who the baby adult animal belongs to. It also includes other animals which are often pets like rabbits and goldfish it even includes pony!

wp-1467265636674.jpgPlaytime – this is Boo’s favourite at the moment it shows various toys, she keeps pointing to the ring tower which I’m currently trying to find something similar and she likes the picture of the teddy bear she points at this and correctly says teddy, aww.

wp-1467265653180.jpgThings that go – this section has many pictures of vehicles if my son had this book at her age this would certainly have been his favourite. It features a picture of a digger, fire engine and train. My only problem with this page is that the lorry is labelled as truck.

wp-1467265667210.jpgAt the park – this features items found in most parks such as bench, tree and even has a photo of a sparrow!

wp-1467265681858.jpgAt the seaside – photos included are deck chair,  seashells and crab.

wp-1467265692860.jpgOn the farm – as you would expect it has the usual animals horse, donkey but again includes photos of adult animals along with their young such as sheep and lamb, goat and kid. It also has photos of non animals such as tractor, wheat and scarecrow.

wp-1467265703562.jpgIn the wild – this section covers animals that most children will only ever see at the zoo such as penguin, lion and giraffe.

wp-1467265718797.jpgColours and shapes – this is a lovely little section to include it shows various colours but not as usual paint swatch type pictures but shows photos of items of a particular colour grouped together such as green is shown as leaves and a green apple. White is a group of white rabbits. Along the bottom of the page there’s shapes in various colours so for an older child you could ask them to match up the pink heart to the pink flowers for instance.

wp-1467265730580.jpgNumbers – this shows numbers 0- 10 with the correct amount of the same pictures with the number such as 7 fish with the number 7 and 9 bananas with the number 9. It also has a photo of 2 child hands so for older children this could be used as a first look at numbers and counting.

Each section is easily found as each section has a tab with a photo which is perfect for young children.

Boo really enjoys this book and I can see how much this will grow with her as her curiosity grows about things in the world. The book could be used to find same/similar objects around the child’s own house for instance as not everyone’s sofa will look like the one in the book as an example.

Given she’s too young to really give a proper rating I have to look how she reacts to similar books, in this case she does enjoy it however she appears to prefer another set of DK books which I’ll write about. I think this book although fantastic value for money and consists of many pictures is perhaps a little too big, heavy and even overwhelming at the moment which is why she seems to prefer the smaller books of a similar nature. On her behalf the rating would be 7/10 however in time I am sure this will change.

As I have mentioned before it really does have a fantastic number of photos, showing various objects/animals/babies displayed in an easy to understand format with lovely clear photos. It is a book which I can see grow with her and provide many future starting points of conversion and therefore I give this book 10/10.

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