An Introduction

Hi my name is Claire, I live with my husband, my son Monkey and baby girl Boo. Monkey loves stories being read to him.  We often go to the library and have enough books here at home to consider opening a mini library at home!

The main reason for this blog is that like most parents I love reading stories to my son and he often asks for the same story more than once in a day, however I have read so many books which are not as good as others that I thought I’d try and bring together all the books myself and Monkey come across and give a little review of them from both mine and his perspective.

I have also started reviewing baby books with Boo and will be sharing these here too.

All of the views and comments are those of my own or Monkey’s. On some posts there may be links to other sites but they are at no cost to you and they are there to help you locate information I’m reviewing and I am not paid for these links.

I also use twitter @ccrainbowflower
Instagram ccrainbowflowers
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Hope you find this interesting and entertaining.

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